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Essential Skin Care Tips for Teenage Skin

Teenage skin is often clouded with skin issues such as acne, pimples, and blemishes. Let us have a look at essential skin care tips to control and prevent these skin woes in teenage years and achieve a flawless skin.

Teenage skin is generally very oily, thanks to the ever-changing hormones that can cause the sebaceous glands to over produce sebum. Many teenage boys and girls get zits and acne due to poor eating habits, improper digestion, lack of sleep, heavy makeup, unclean makeup brushes, pore-clogging skin products etc. All these can contribute an environment for bacterial growth and thus cause acne and pimples.

While there is not much one can do about hormones, one can surely control of the skin woes by a proper skin care regime. What you need is a gentle cleanser, preferably with ingredients such as Green Tea that is full of anti-oxidants. Use the cleanser at least twice a day to keep the oiliness at bay. After cleansing the skin, it is essential to use a mild toner to remove any traces of the cleanser as well as to close the pores.

Causes of acne and pimples

Acne and pimples are a result of three actors in combination-sebum, dead skin cells, and bacterial growth.

Sebum is the skin’s natural oil that is produced by sebaceous glands to keep the skin naturally moisturized. When the production of sebum is more than needed, it clogs the pores which lead to pimples and blackheads. Also, when the skin starts to shed too many dead cells it may result in an outbreak too. These become a breeding ground for zits.

While bacteria are found all over a clear skin too, when the sebum is overproduced and there is an outbreak of pimples, bacterial growth multiplies. Bacteria feeds on sebum produces fatty acids and irritates the pores that cause the skin to become red and inflamed. This redness and soreness result in blemishes.

Myths surrounding acne

  • A common myth is that acne can be spread through contact. However, it is a wrong notion. Acne is not spread through contact It is the bacteria on the skin that causes acne.
  • Another myth is that when excessive dirt accumulates, bacteria grows and causes acne. however, too much of washing can irritate the sink and cause the production of excessive sebum.
  • Acne is treatable. While many people think that once you get acne, you have to live with it, it is wrong! With a proper skin are a regime and the right diet, acne can be cured and prevented.

Tips to fight teenage blemish

A good skin care regime can work wonders to get a clear skin.

  • Wash your face at least twice a day with a mild cleanser. Ingredients such as Green Tea and Willow Bark extract are effective in drying out acne.
  • Use a mild toner to clean the face after cleansing. This helps to close the pores.
  • A mild moisturizer will bring back balance and nourishment to the skin without being too greasy.
  • A deep cleansing mask will cleanse the skin from depth, thus removing the dead skin cells.
  • Petroleum and mineral oil based products block up the pores. Try avoiding these.
  • Always remove makeup before going to the bed. Use a mild face wash and makeup remover to do so.
  • Do not wash your face with hot water. Rather, use Luke warm water to do so.
  • Touching your face too much causes transfer of bacteria from hands to the face and makes breakout common.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water so the impurities pass out with the urine.
  • Avoid junk and oily food. Even sugar, soft drinks, and highly seasoned food cause an imbalance in the skin.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, and foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Also, eat foods sufficient in Vitamin B2 such as whole grains, nuts, and beans.

Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy in Winter

Winter is coming! And with the arrival of dry, cold winds comes the need to double the care of your hair! As you know, that the icy winds, colder days and snowy nights will make your hair dry, dull and brittle, it is the high time you adopt a few guidelines and keep your hair safe & shiny.

It is true that everyone’s hair is different, but there are some tips that are applicable for all! Want to know? Here are some of the best hair care tips just for you:-

  • Deep Conditioning! The best way to keep your hair nourished during winter is to give them a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. This is necessary to retain moisture in your hair and keep them healthy throughout!
  • Avoid washing hair each day! In winter, the main thing is to keep your moisturized. When you wash your hair or give them heat treatments, they get dry. So, to prevent your hair from drying out, limit the number of times you wash your hair. It is normal to wash two times a week. In other words, wash your hair only when they get dirty.
  • Don’t Use Hot water! Always wash your hair with lukewarm or cold water, never wash with hot water. This is because hot water can dry your hair and make them lusterless.
  • Apply Serum! Use a hair serum or cream to maintain moisture in your tresses.
  • Keep Your Hair Covered! Just like your body, your hair also needs protection. Always wrap your hair in a silk scarf or wear a hat while going out!
  • Stay Simple! Avoid use of too many styling tools and chemical dyes during winter. Instead of curling or straightening your tresses, experiment with a low ponytail or a loose bun.
  • Buy a Humidifier! Since the dry, cold air makes the hair frizzy and dry, investing in a humidifier is a great option. The humidifier keeps your body out of dryness and thus, make them glossy for a longer period.
  • Drink Lots of Water! This is a must-apply thing when it is about keeping your hair shiny during winter. Actually, the dry scalp results in dandruff, hair roughness and other such problems. So, it is good to keep the scalp as well as hair hydrated by drinking plenty of water. And the plus point of this is that it will keep your skin young and alluring also.
  • Nutritional Diet! To make your hair shiny, eat a balance diet including eggs, spinach, sprouts and walnuts.
  • Trimming! In winter, people are found to be more complaining about broken hair and split ends. These split ends, if not treated can ruin the appearance as well as the health of your tresses. So, it is better to get your hair trimmed once in every two months. This will give you healthy, long hair with no split-ends.

The Power of Perfume – Scent Your Senses Daily!

What excites your five senses? Smelling is a great one, and wearing great perfumes is like inviting a great mood or attitude of well-deserved, quaint, soft, subtle indulgence. Accentuate your bodily aroma by wearing a nice smelling perfume,one of your own choosing!*** You can enhance your mood by wearing perfume!~

Perfume in the early days was a determination of class, distinction and good taste. I can simply say that the attitude of wearing perfume has not changed much since the 1800’s. Perfumes are a great mixture of many elements, not easily identified or broken down by the average nose. For the most part, perfume is based on three identifiers: intricate mixture of top notes, heart notes, and base notes. Top notes are said to be more temporary and evaporate more quickly, while the base notes are long-lasting. Whether male or female, we can all enjoy the instant mood elevation and brain’s reaction to smelling a pleasant scent in our midst. The heart note is said to be the main body of the perfumes composition.- noticed in the middle of the perfumes overall aroma release- perfume is a multi-layered agent of beautiful smell with distinction. As a woman, I can convey my own experience of what I feel about perfume and fragrance. I know that it adds happiness to my mood, attitude and enjoyment.

Perfume is every woman’s or can be any woman’s solace and happiness. That’s a broad and bold statement to make, indeed. I will humbly qualify my assessment with examples and/ or perhaps attempt to enlighten you more about my view.

There are so many beautiful scents to engage throughout the course of the day. Smelling a great perfume instantly makes me happy, relaxed or changes a bad mood to a peaceful mood within seconds. I cannot say that I have even not enjoyed smelling a great scent, whether worn by me or by another person, Satiating the sense of comfort through pleasing scents brings me much happiness and enjoyment. I like to wear one perfume for a while and then move on to another perfume that is totally different than what I wore the month before. *** Perfume creates or invites a mood, creates or spurs a memory, or act as a gentle, soft reminder that the person wearing perfume is wanting to keep a memory alive, or to make themselves happy by enhancing, or adding spice or flowers to enjoy their own sense of smell. Perfume is usually worn by the person that likes to be soothed by smelling a chosen scent throughout the course of their day. I can honestly attest that I wear perfume for myself first, and if people enjoy perfume, they too will wear it, choosing a scent that makes their sense of smell happy too!

***Many scents engaged throughout the course of the day bring about change, encourage new thoughts, or even bring a sense of hope, or preparation. When I smell freshly brewed coffee, my eyes become alert and my mind gets ready to work. I like to take freshly eaten apples and boil the core and add a sprinkle of cinnamon. That smells so good and radiates a comfortable, cosy environment in your home of office. It’s an inviting scent for friends and family to sit down and relax. The scent of fresh-baked cookies is used by real estate agents to help prospective buyers obtain a pleasing smell connection- one that’s kept in the memory, by the thought of the home for sale, Utilizing the sense of smell, thus connects the buyer to the pleasant smell and connects the smell to the comfort of the home.

In economically harder times, people wore authentic vanilla extract behind their ears to smell clean and crisp, stimulating the sense of happiness, or a least they smelled like vanilla cookies. Again, stimulating another sense and bringing memory to the buyer through the senses of smell, sight, and touch.

While I don’t get paid to endorse any particular perfume, I do have my favorite scents and some are expensive and others, not so much. There really is little discernible difference, at least to me, as to what I wear more or less often. I enjoy a clean, crispy, classy scent, like the ones that remindMy grandmother was able to rapture just about any male within her vicinity, simply by her way of layering scents with other beauty products to enhance their hues and scents. I was gifted with a lot of sample bottles, by her, when I was a little tot. She gladly shared her scent favorites with my sister and me. A lot of her secrets to making her perfume last longer, was utilizing less. She was recognized by the smell of a,just dabbed secret scent behind her ears. Though, that was not often the case. A lot of my grandmother’s choice of scents have sent many a man insane with sexy, refreshing, alluring notes of brands, that are still well known in the perfume industry today. She always smelled freshly showered of fine, classic, modern parfum. that will always connect me to the memory of my grandmother. ** I also enjoy the sporty scents of my sister’s choice. I can easily be happy with the expensive, recognizable scents that my grandmother wore throughout her lifetime. ~

One of my few expensive indulgences in life is daily wearing a fine perfume and changing my perfume choices monthly, a myriad of beautiful smelling real perfumes and sometimes even eau de toilette scents too! Anything that touches any one of the five senses is an instant mood elevator or opens a gateway for peace, comfort or change. Listening to music and creating my own lyrics for music is also something that is very important to me and it stimulates peace and opens the gates of creativity by stimulating any one or more of the five senses. Combining two or more senses creates massive memory and mind happiness. Sometimes listening to certain songs while wearing a perfume that I wore ten years ago will really get my mind and imagination ready for creativity and full-blown prompting for writing great songs, poems or purging my thoughts in my daily journal. Wearing amazing scents can alter your mood and create new ideas, or even bring a smile to your face!

Engage any one or all of your five senses daily and have a better more productive day by bringing joy to yourself by what you see,hear, smell, eat, touch, or by showing love to your fellow man, animal or planet.There is something called aroma therapy that really helps you calm anxiety, feel refreshed and maybe even remember a fond memory that you selectively choose to remember.

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

Writing especially for you, inspiring heartfelt passages daily!~
***Freelance Writer of Inspirational Articles, Motivational Speaker and Writer of catchy, trending, poetic- Advertising and more! You pick the venue and I will poetically write it for you!***You can reach me via U.S. mail in Orlando, Florida.~ Writing is my hearts desire to reach others and teach, share, learn, motivate, or engage my readers in an original, poetic, whimsical or informative discipline.

Factors To Consider When Buying Hair Dryers

The hair dryer that you buy has a great impact on the quality of your hair. If you use a poor quality dryer you tend to damage your hair thus you end up having brittle hair. When you are buying the unit you need to consider a number of factors that include:

Your needs

People need hair dryers for two principal reasons: for personal and professional use. A small, lightweight unit is sufficient to give you the experience that you need as a domestic user. Dryers meant for domestic use are lightweight, easy to handle and affordable. If you are operating a salon or plenty of people are using the hair dryer at home, you should go for a professional hair dryer. In most cases, professional units run with AC thus produce more heat. The units also have stronger airflow, dry hair faster, and have a longer lifespan. Their main flaw is that they are usually expensive.

Technology used in the hair dryer

Hair dryers run on different technologies which give rise to the different categories. The different categories include:

Ceramic: Ceramic units take out infra-red heat thus cause little damage to hair and surrounding skin. The technology used dries hair from the inside towards the outer sides. Due to this, your hair is protected from heat damage and over drying. According to experts, hair dryers with this technology are ideal for people with frizzy, curly and keratin treated hair.

Ionic: Hair dryers running on the ionic technology break down water molecules so that you can have faster-drying hair. At the same time, the technology allows the hair to retain moisture thus hair remains strong for a long time. These dryers also diffuse the negative ions that eliminate frizz. Experts also report that the units also eliminate static electricity in the hair.

Tourmaline: Tourmaline is a gemstone considered as the world’s best infrared and ionic generator. The coating on the gemstone contains minerals that break down large water molecules so that they evaporate quickly. Due to this, hair dries faster and retains moisture that keeps the hair healthy and shiny.

Features and accessories on the hair dryer

The features and accessories on the units determine the unit’s ease of use and the overall experience. Different features have different uses. For a great time, you should go with a unit with the features that are of importance to you. Some of the beneficial features that you should go for are:

Dryer brush: This is a built-in brush that comes in handy in drying and styling hair. The brush comes in different sizes and all you need to do is choose the right one for your needs.

Shivel cord: While this doesn’t affect the quality of the hair drying, it affects the experience that you have. The unit prevents the dryer cord from tangling thus protecting the cord from damage. It also makes it easy for you to use your dryer.


These are the factors that you should consider when buying a hair dryer. As rule of thumb, you should buy a high-quality unit from a reputable store.

If looking for a salon hair dryer we have plenty of dryers for you to choose from. The units are from different brands and have different features. To know more visit our salon blow dryer store.

Buy Makeup, Wear It & Let It Go

You know those days when you buy makeup (your favorite one) wear it, look fab and feel fab. But once you are back home you are forced to remove that before bed? Well, many of us ignore the removing part as all we care about is that pretty face in the mirror we are falling in love with.

At the same time, those stories you hear about keeping makeup on overnight aren’t false either. They are true, makeup overnight can cause harm to your skin which is not exactly what you want. Certain products that we put like foundation, primer, lipstick can give us an extremely pretty face but at the same time, it can take away the goodness lying within our skin causing further problems such as breakouts, aging and much more.

So here I bring to you the motivation to not keep the makeup on overnight, next time:

1. One item that is always found in a girl’s beauty organizer is a foundation. Foundation is a thick base makeup item that you wear all day long. You might not see it, but over the day exposed to environmental pollutants, the foundation particles seem to break down causing harm to your skin. It is usually during the night while you are asleep that the process of microcirculation takes place which helps to renew skin. Having the foundation on for long will prevent this from happening.

2. Most beauty experts’ suggest using a primer every day, but primer also holds the potential to harm your skin. But you can control it, by choosing what follows after the primer. If your primer has been on throughout the day don’t keep any doubt, it is causing harm, but if you choose to follow the same with a moisturizer it will be a better choice.

3. Dry and chapped lips is a big no to most of us. Sleeping with your lipstick on will leave you with chapped lips and that is not what you are looking out for. Always remember to use a makeup remover to remove the product or the best way would be brushing your lips before bed and applying a thick coat of lip balm. Among those beautiful colors of lipsticks you store in your cosmetic organizer (choose acrylic cosmetic organizer over the rest available). Brushing will not just remove the color but also keep your lips well, exfoliated.

4. Mascara makes your eyelashes look amazing by making it seem darker, longer and thicker. But this can leave your eyelashes being brittle and easier to break. You could use a makeup remover or another great eye makeup removing product could be Vaseline. It could easily fit into your beauty organizer (choose to use an acrylic makeup organizer over the rest available). Vaseline is effective and affordable at the same time.

Makeup can make you look presentable and is undoubtedly one of the most helpful things made for women but not everything is as pretty as it may seem. They too have ill effects and now you know how to not let those ill effects affect you.

How to Make Your Duplicate Nails More Natural

If you are a duplicate nail lover then definitely you want to know the ways to stay your acrylic longer and fortunately there have some useful ways to do that. If you really want to get the best result from your falsies, you should file your nails to fit inside you cuticle shape, rather than covering it up with the nail. Unfortunately, many of us do not follow this process, we are not totally sure we will do a good job of it anyway, so we just pop them on as they are, and pray that they don’t fall off too fast.

The major thing that gives your nails a perfectly natural look is size. Before starting any filing, you need to select the best size from your nail set. Duplicate nails generally come of twenty or twenty-four, so you don’t need to file too much, and the spares can come in handy later on. You should select a size that will be about half a millimeter smaller than your cuticle once it is filled to match your natural nail shape. Also, the perfect match with your natural nails will give you the best natural look. After selecting your best size nail, file it to match the shape of your cuticle. If you want to get the best result, you have to drag the file slowly around the edge of the nail, in one direction only. Sawing back and forth may look more effective, but we will not get the control over the shape that way.

After completing the feeling, now you have to check the size again. This time, you need to check how the curve of the nail compares to you. To do this process, you just need to check them simply, you don’t need to push down on the false nail to make it touch yours in the middle. If you do, then sadly, this nail is a little too curvy for you. Grab the size above it, and use that one instead. It will take a little more filing, but it’ll be worth it. If you have to slightly flatten a false nail to glue it on, it won’t stay on for long.

It will take a little time when you do it for the first time but after doing some practices you can easily grab the technique. Also, you can get help by using a different type of nail kits such as acrylic nail kit or dip powder starter kit. This process helps to write down your size for the nails, along with the brand name as well as nail, shape for the next time especially, if you want to use acrylic for regular basis. So, you don’t need to take worry about the whole process because it is easier than your thinking.

Revel Nail is a world famous nail product manufacturing company. It is the USA based company offering different types of nail care product such as dip powder starter kit, french manicure kit, nail polish, dip gel and much more. Contact them today for best quality nail products and make your nails beautiful.

A Passion For Beauty And Fashion

Some people are cut out for just this. It starts early, that careful grooming of hair, nails, hands, feet and face, it may extend to lifestyles and food habits that will maintain the ideal body shape, keen interest in fashion trends and knowledge of beauty secrets passed down the ages and beauty tips for the not so patient listener.

Conde Nast started Vanity Fair, the popular magazine on fashion, culture and current affairs in 1913. A hundred years later, it is still publishing monthly articles on notable people, fashion trends, world events and carries full page portraits of beautiful celebrities. He was just one. There are many like that who would like to share the world of fashion and beauty that is so much within their reach with the rest of the world.

With the advent of the world wide web and blogging, publishing a magazine is no longer necessary. There are many bloggers who write about the very same things one would find in a world class magazine like Marie Claire, Vogue or Vanity Fair. There are so many blogs that the first twenty, or the first fifty has been rated for the reader’s convenience.

The outstanding reason behind a successful fashion and beauty blog is the knowledge that you the blogger have something different to say and works hard at saying it.

What are the other reasons that go into making a successful fashion blog or beauty blog?

A fashion blog is like having a fashion magazine online. While a magazine has different departments and people to take care of writing, photography, art department, sales, etc. a blogger basically has to do all of this on his or her own.. Some of the skills required for this job of having a fashion blog are

· Writing skills – writing should be appealing and readable. Anything that’s boring and dull will not get readers

· Editing skills – punctuation and grammar should be right – translating into something the reader can trust.

· Modelling and being a stylist – should not be awkward when it comes to modelling in clothes. A certain level of comfort and confidence in your own body is essential. A sense of style which can create a unique statement which is creative and interesting is essential.

· Photography/ Creative visualization – Basic photography skills with a high quality camera with knowledge of lighting and angles is a great asset to have

· Photo editing skills as in Photoshop for lighting, color, shadows is essential for those pictures which will attract traffic to your fashion blog

· Social media skills – must be conversant with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ etc. Making the accounts in all these visually appealing will generate more interest to the benefit of your blog.

· Ad sales and Public Relations – This has to do with advertising your blog with a little bit of showing off your achievements in order for advertisers to tie up with your blog. Public relations is establishing good relations with brands and companies that are relevant to the matter of your blog.

Castor Oil, the Best Beauty Secret Ever

I will tell you that I absolutely love castor oil and that I use it daily. I honestly believe that castor oil is the best beauty secret ever, especially for those of us in middle age. It has so many benefits, but very few women know that it can do AMAZING things in the anti-aging category! What is this oil anyways? It is a colorless to pale yellow oil that is obtained by pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant. It also has the name Palma Christi or palm of Christ because the leaf is divided and resembles a palm and its seeds have even been found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 4000 BC.

Castor oil has a lot of viscosity, it is sticky and thick. I have been applying castor oil daily to my face and neck area for at least three years now. You only need a drop or two when applying it to your face because it goes a long way. I would gently apply it even over your lashes and eyebrows as this encourages growth. You will find that it immediately moisturizes your face or other body parts deeply and what’s best about it is that there are NO chemicals to this anti-aging beauty regimen if you use the organic variation.

After applying the castor oil, I also follow it up with a combination of essentials oils that includes frankincense, spikenard (lavender) and neroli. Not only do I get the moisturizing effect of castor, but I extend its value with the other oils whose properties are antiviral and immune stimulating, not to mention all the other direct benefits. I apply my makeup after applying the oil and it goes on much smoother, especially around the eyes. By the way, I know this combination is great for acne as well!

Years back I did not really understand the benefits of all these natural products, but I have since opened my eyes. With all the chemicals in today’s world and all the oxidation or “rusting” that occurs in our bodies, why not give yourself a few extra years of additional health?

Women spend millions of dollars for anti-aging creams and cosmetics. Not only is this a simple and healthier solution, it is cheaper! I no longer use man-made chemicals, whether it is my face wash, hair dye, shampoo, makeup or skin care. At first the transition was a bit costly, but now it’s about the same without putting these chemicals into my bloodstream. I don’t even have to wash my face at the end of the day because most of what I use is simply antioxidants made from nature.

We can do plenty to slow down our aging, and I know personally that castor oil with the combination of essential oils can keep the wrinkles detained for just a bit longer. Who knows, maybe this palm of Christ has just the healing effect we’re looking for!

Note: Not recommended for pregnant women.

What Is the Best Hard Skin Remover?

Humans are the weirdest creatures in this world. It’s a very astute statement counting everyone have a different DNA and fingerprints. On a more commensurate scale, we have people who like to play cricket and people who hate playing cricket but love soccer. Likewise, people have a distinct opinion on keeping their body fit and hygienic.

We always find a guy around us who is not fond of shaving his beard or a girl who doesn’t like to keep her hairs intact. Similarly there are very few people who prefer taking care of their entire body ranging from cutting their nails aptly to going for manicure and pedicure.

For this section or class of audience who are well versed with all the body care products and equipment, a hard skin remover is a familiar name. Although, there are various substitutes available in the market which does the same job so it often gets tricky for the buyer to choose the best product.

For the ones uninitiated about the product and its service, hard skin remover, as the name goes helps remove the dead skin cells and smoothen the region where the skin is roughened. A lot of men and women care about the appearance of their feet. So in order to make them look better both literally and figuratively, people use hard skin removers.

Initially the process was carried out by metal or wooden foot files and pumice stones. Now though with immense technological advancement, the battery operated models have made the job easier. Hard skin removers save a lot of time as compared to cleaning your feet manually and are extremely convenient for the reason you can carry them in your purse or pocket.

The key elements that make a hard skin remover great among the numerous substitutes are mentioned as follows: –

The device should be easy to use as there is no benefit if you cannot operate it properly on your own. This is the primitive reason you prefer going to a salon or parlor.

The quality of the product must be good. We generally stay cautious while purchasing an electrical device but make sure the Remover you buy is well-built and functions tranquilly.

The device must be affordable. Sure price is never a barrier when you do not want to compromise with the quality but with equipment like these, it is important to ensure that you pay for what you get and what you buy should be efficacious.

Storia Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File is the best product available in the market counting it stands tall amongst all of its substitutes. It is effective, affordable, and easy to use as it removes hard skin on your feet with minimal efforts. The detachable roller head can be washed and replaced as well.

Christmas Party Make Up Ideas

As Christmas calls for a spending splurge and you wrap your head around what gifts to buy, don’t forget to pick up those makeup essentials for yourself too.

Achieving the perfect look for your festive get together needn’t be difficult or costly so go on, treat yourself!

We’ll begin with a beauty winner this season in the form of a color galore palette, opening the doors to metallic shades! That’s right, gold, copper, bronze, silver and chrome from your eye shadow to your lips and even your nail polish, your look just wouldn’t be complete without a bit of shimmer and shine.

TOP TIP: When applying these shiny textures, remember your base coat. Wearing metallic make up requires a clean foundation to work from, matching your original tone (even on nails).

Try the OG New Sparkle Palette by The Organic Pharmacy

Powerful nudes with enough pigment in one coat, perfect for eyes, lips and cheek highlighting. Includes: Pink Flush Blusher, Bronze in Deep Golden Bronze, Lip Gloss in Candy Pink and Highlighter in Silver Pearl PLUS 4 shades of eye shadows in Star Dust, Nude Pink Silver Dust, Espresso Gold and Nude Gold Dust. It’s everything you need in one sleek compact case with a handy mirror for touch ups on the go!

Next on the list is a popping lip color in classic red or mahogany brown. These colors are on trend and the perfect base for a gold tint to give your face that festive edge. Don’t be afraid to play with your lip color, contouring the center with a gold shimmer will be enough to bring out your Christmas glamour.

Try Lipstick Queen’s ‘Endless Summer

A gorgeous moisture rich and sun protecting layer (perfect for Middle Eastern Christmas brunches). The super nourishing burst of color gives a sheer finish lasting all day and the ultra-gloss tint will blend perfectly with a shimmer gloss. The texture is non-sticky and glides with strong pigment so don’t worry about adding other tones on top for your contour.

Don’t forget about the cheeks! Your complexion is everything and a dewy glow is just what this occasion calls for in a dab of liquid highlighter (using your fingertips or a damp blending sponge) adding a little extra to your winter smile.

Our favorite is the Organic Glam Liquid Shimmer Highlighter by The Organic Pharmacy. This is a top pick for us and a secret weapon to illuminating while adding subtle definition to your face. Usable on eye lids and the bridge of the nose for a fresh finish.

We guarantee an all-night party glow and visible shine to your festive pics!

Finally, your nails. Your show stopping sparkle just wouldn’t be the same without a super shiny nail polish giving everything you touch, a Christmas glow! Try the OPI Orange You Fantastic for a shock of color in vibrant citrus. Best worn with a base coat followed by two layers of the OPI Lacquer.